Mon – Rest day Tue – 20.3k (4:16/km, 101m ascent) Wed – 13.8k (4:20/km, 96m ascent) Thu – 15k on the treadmill, 2k at 2%, 10k at 10% and 3k at 2% (6:00/km, 1100m ascent) Fri – Rest day Sat – 51.3k (4:40/km with 774m ascent) Sun – 39.5k (5:16/km with 364m ascent) Total 139.9k with 2,435m ascent (Target of […]

Mon – 5k @15% on treadmill (12:00/km, 750m ascent) Tue – 20.3k (4:15/km, 136m ascent) Wed – 17k (4:57/km, 223m ascent) and 5k @15% on treadmill (12:00/km, 750m ascent) Thur – 20.1k (4:06/km, 160m ascent) Fri – 12.7k (4:53/km, 51m ascent) Sat – 50.9k (4:45/km, 724m ascent) Sun – 10k @3% Treadmill (6:00/km, 300m ascent) […]

Mon – Rest Tue – 12.6k (4:38/km, 97m ascent) Wed – Rest Thu – 16.1k (5:08/km, 368m ascent) Fri – 25.5 (4:45/km, 529m ascent) Sat – 36.9k (4:34/km, 312m ascent) Sun – 8.26k (5:57/km, 199m ascent), 12.1k (5:10/km, 185m ascent), 5k @15% on treadmill (12:00/km, 750m ascent) and 12k treadmill @ 3% (5:00/km, 360m ascent). […]

So there should have been a La Palma part 2 and part 3 before my race report but unfortunately my preparation didn’t go as planned and I was in no mood to share how my taper went, my race plan and my kit choices. I arrived in La Palma just over two weeks before race day […]

Preparing for a race mentally can be like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. More so when it’s your local race and you’re very familiar with the route. When I get to this point in the race I want to be feeling this good, at this distance my average paces should at least be.., when I hit […]

Everyone on the right side of the plane is envious of those on the left. Each of us that haven’t already given up are shifting and moving around in our seats unsatisfied with the glimpses we sneak. I can see it just about but I can’t enjoy it. The only person on the left side […]