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SDW 100 Training week 8 (18th of April – 24th of April)

Mon – Treadmill 20k – 5k @15%, 10k @10% and 5k @15% (8:47/km 2,500m ascent) Tue – 23.8k (6:04/km with 332m ascent) Wed – 21.6k (4:52/km with 300m ascent) Thu – Rest day Fri – Treadmill 20k @2% (5:00/km with 400m ascent) Sat – AM – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent) PM – Treadmill hike 5k […]

Watching dry paint

I admit it. I like the treadmill. Okay that’s a lie. I love it. One of few runners, no doubt one of even less trail runners but there’s something about it.  Staring at a wall running inside on the spot isn’t something to get excited about and hating it is easily done; I’ve been there. But I’ve […]

SDW 100 Training week 7 (11th of April – 17th of April)

Mon – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent) Tue – AM – 30 minutes stretching, foam roller and core work. PM – Treadmill progression 10k, @5% started at 12kph and increased 0.2kph every 1km (500m ascent) Wed – 14.9k (5:33/km with 310m ascent) Thu – 30.2k Exercise bike – hilly/steady (60 minutes) Fri – Treadmill 10k […]

SDW 100 Training week 6 (4th of April – 10th of April)

Mon – Rest day Tue – AM – 30 minutes stretching, foam roller and core work. PM – 26.9k Exercise bike Wed – AM – 13.3k (4:14/km 94m ascent) Thu – AM – Treadmill 15k,  2k @2%, 10k @10% and 3k @2% (6:00/km 1100m ascent) Fri – AM – Treadmill 12k @5% (5:00/km 600m ascent) Sat – AM – 30.7k […]

SDW 100 Training week 5 (28th of March – 3rd of April)

Mon – Rest day Tue – Rest day Wed – Rest day Thu – Rest day Fri – 15.7k (4:48/km 170m ascent) Sat – 19.6k (4:33/km 163 ascent) Sun – 32.1k Exercise bike in 60 mins followed by 10k treadmill progression at 6% incline (5:29/km 603 ascent) Total 45.3k with 936m ascent (Target of 140k) and […]

SDW 100 Training week 4 (21st – 27th of March)

Mon – Rest day Tue -10k on the treadmill (6:00km) Wed – 13.6kk (4:18/km, 96m ascent) Thu – Rest day Fri – 12k on the treadmill at 5% (5:00/km 573m ascent) Sat – Rest day Sun – Rest day Total 35.6k with 669m ascent (Target of 140k) Having done a back to back run at the […]