SDW 100 Training week 8 (18th of April – 24th of April)

Mon – Treadmill 20k – 5k @15%, 10k @10% and 5k @15% (8:47/km 2,500m ascent)

Tue – 23.8k (6:04/km with 332m ascent)

Wed – 21.6k (4:52/km with 300m ascent)

Thu – Rest day

Fri – Treadmill 20k @2% (5:00/km with 400m ascent)

Sat – AM – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent) PM – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent)

Sun – Treadmill 20k @5% (1,005 ascent) immediately followed by 19.5k (4:44/km with 212m ascent)

Total 135k with 6,248m ascent (Target of 160k).

With the week off work it was an opportunity to get more running in and up my distance. I actually increased the target this week to 160k to encourage myself to do more. Though I was short and short of my previous target of 140k I find that setting the target higher increases the chances of running further. Just playing mind games with myself and trying to make sure the motivation remains high and I stay focused.

Not disappointed I was short since I’d only run 82k last week and trying to double that might not be the best idea so I kept the speed down a bit and decided to increase the amount of ascent. I often find it’s a juggling act between distance, speed and ascent. Hopefully I can get at least a couple weeks before race day with each of those three elements at a high level. The optimist in me wants 160k, 6,000m ascent and a couple of fast runs… not going to lie that could be quite hard to hit!

You may also notice that I’m doing hikes on the treadmill at 15% over the past few weeks. This is because I’ll be running the CCC at the end of August and I need to get my legs well prepared. It’s working. Along with these hikes and the runs at an incline on the treadmill I can feel my legs growing stronger. My quads feel like they’re developing new muscles. I do enjoy the way the treadmill make my legs feel even if can be tough mentally.

Highlight of the week is the increased ascent at 6,248m. Though possibly not required for the SDW100 I do have one eye on the CCC. That workout on Monday was hard. I did slightly underestimate how much was required of my body but it was great fun getting in the equivalent of 2,500m in 20k. Would have been nice to have done 4,500m in 35k! I may have to leave that workout for after the SDW and try not to get too carried away with getting the ascent in.

 Next week I’ll keep my target at 160k, increase the speed and lower the ascent. Race day does feel like it’s getting pretty close now.  Soon it’ll be next month…

 Hope your training is going well 😉


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