SDW 100 Training week 7 (11th of April – 17th of April)

Mon – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent)

Tue – AM – 30 minutes stretching, foam roller and core work. PM – Treadmill progression 10k, @5% started at 12kph and increased 0.2kph every 1km (500m ascent)

Wed – 14.9k (5:33/km with 310m ascent)

Thu – 30.2k Exercise bike – hilly/steady (60 minutes)

Fri – Treadmill 10k @5% (500m ascent)

Sat – 32.1k tempo run (4:07/km with 158m ascent)

Sun – Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent), 30.3k Exercise bike – steady (60 minutes) and Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent).

Total 82k with 3717m ascent (Target of 140k) and 60.5k exercise bike.

Okay so the aim of the week was to step up the training. As you can see that didn’t quite happen. I ran 11k less but did manage more ascent, just. I did bike a tiny bit more as well and also did something on Monday so not a complete fail.

So what happened? Well I felt a little tired when I woke on Thursday morning so instead of doing some speed work I opted for the exercise bike instead. Because of this I decided my long run should be more speed focused rather than going long at the weekend and the combination of these kept the distance down a little. I probably would have done about 15k on the Thursday, an extra 10k plus on my long run and would have also run 15k plus on Sunday rather than hiked twice on the treadmill. Next week I will have extra time to train as I have the time off from work so it should be a much higher volume. One run will be as far as my total distance for this week…

Highlight of the week is most definitely my long tempo run on Saturday. I was a little surprised at how comfortable my legs felt turning over at that speed. It was pretty windy along the promenade but that didn’t seem to stop my legs from locking into a good rhythm. I managed to run 30k in 2:01:11 with the other 2.1k used as a warm down. I have been running quite a bit on the treadmill recently always at an incline so the flatness must have felt pretty good for my legs. A pleasing run and glad to know despite not hitting my desired distance for the past few weeks I’m still in good shape.

Really looking forward to next week! I will be doing plenty of running!





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