SDW 100 Training week 6 (4th of April – 10th of April)

Mon – Rest day

Tue – AM – 30 minutes stretching, foam roller and core work. PM – 26.9k Exercise bike

Wed – AM – 13.3k (4:14/km 94m ascent)

Thu – AM – Treadmill 15k,  2k @2%, 10k @10% and 3k @2% (6:00/km 1100m ascent)

Fri – AM – Treadmill 12k @5% (5:00/km 600m ascent)

Sat – AM – 30.7k Exercise bike – hilly/steady, Treadmill 12k @5% (5:00/km 600m ascent). PM –  Treadmill hike 5k @15% (12:00/km 750m ascent)

Sun – AM – 26.9k (5:52/km with 387m ascent). PM – 8.8k (5:11/km 114m ascent)

Total 93k with 3645m ascent (Target of 140k) and 57.6k exercise bike.

As planned I upped the distance but chose against going too crazy so after my normal Monday off I decided Tuesday would be an easy day of cross training. Core work isn’t something I do often but I plan to include into my training along with everything else. Yup, going to be pretty busy for some time.

Above you’ll notice I did a few runs on the treadmill. The aim of this was to get a bit more ascent into my week. Though the speed I run on a treadmill is generally slower than on road or trail I do find it takes more effort and with the incline it can work me pretty hard. I know most, if not all people don’t enjoy the treadmill but I find some odd enjoyment in it. It’s as if you’re overcoming a difficult workout, something that requires a little more than usual. I like to think of it as good mental training as well, if I can stare at a wall and do that how much easier will it be when I’ve stunning scenery to look at? Or how well prepared will my mind be when things are getting tough? It’ll help give me that focus when things could go south.

Saturday was quite a busy day doing a bit of every thing. On Sunday I took a friend over on the chain ferry from sandbanks to experience her first trail run. The weather was a little windy and it was pretty wet underfoot. It was a good run and we hardly saw anyone just enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the views back across to Bournemouth and Poole. The tide was pretty high on the way back so we couldn’t take the same route we did on the way out. No problem, just cut inland a little on to some boggy ground, not great but it was okay. Upon arriving at the ferry there were no cars queuing as per usual. It took a few minutes to realise that cars were being turned around on the other side and in fact the tide was too high, the strong winds probably not helping either.

We handed back to the toll booth when drivers pay to get on the ferry, again cars were being turned around. Somehow we’d run past the sign that said the ferry was currently closed; great! First time that’s happened to me in 4 years. With no idea how long the ferry would be closed for a lift was arranged and after a short wait in a close by café, who brought a heater out (so good!) we were heading back. Thanks Peach 😉 That’ll make sense to a couple people I’m sure.

I made my belated run back to home from the other side of the ferry to complete my long run for the week. Maybe not quite as high a distance as I initially intended at the start of the week but more sensible. Another sensible thing I did  was hop on the foam roller after every run. It’s worked really well and my legs are feeling the best they have done all year…time to step up the training!!



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