SDW 100 Training week 5 (28th of March – 3rd of April)

Mon – Rest day

Tue – Rest day

Wed – Rest day

Thu – Rest day

Fri – 15.7k (4:48/km 170m ascent)

Sat – 19.6k (4:33/km 163 ascent)

Sun – 32.1k Exercise bike in 60 mins followed by 10k treadmill progression at 6% incline (5:29/km 603 ascent)

Total 45.3k with 936m ascent (Target of 140k) and 32.1k exercise bike

So the aim of the week was to sort myself out and find out what was going on with my foot. The first few days involved stretching, wearing some compression gear (calf guards), a squash ball, a tennis ball and the foam roller. I had to be patient but as you can see I managed to get a few runs in; happy days.

It turns out the pain in the side of my foot was directly related to the knot in my calf I thought I’d got rid off previously. I didn’t. It simply headed down my leg slightly until I felt comfortable but obviously the back to back runs took their toll on my leg and the pain ended up resonating in the side of my foot. Like most runners I probably have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller. The more it hurts the more I need/want it. It will now become a regular part of my training, even if only a few times for a couple of minutes each week. I’m also going to add an exercise bike session with these helping my legs to stay loose.

Fridays run was a test run to see how the calf/foot felt and it went pretty well with no issues. The moment I saw the sky, I had to change my route. It was quite a sight and I didn’t want to run with my back to it and miss out.


Saturday run’s included some glorious sun shine! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to run in weather like that in Bournemouth. I started off steady and just enjoyed the sun, upon hitting the promenade I started to put some effort in. It felt good and gave me some confidence that my issues are now fine, though I will obviously need to keep an eye on them and not get complacent. Sundays treadmill session was a fun progression run at 6% incline getting 0.2kph faster with each passing km (starting at 10kph). The hour hilly exercise bike session before ensured I felt the effort near the end of the run.

Again, well short on the distance for the week but I can start putting some effort in and up the distance.



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