SDW 100 Training week 4 (21st – 27th of March)

Mon – Rest day

Tue -10k on the treadmill (6:00km)

Wed – 13.6kk (4:18/km, 96m ascent)

Thu – Rest day

Fri – 12k on the treadmill at 5% (5:00/km 573m ascent)

Sat – Rest day

Sun – Rest day

Total 35.6k with 669m ascent (Target of 140k)

Having done a back to back run at the weekend (two long runs on consecutive days), I decided it was best to start the week easy and after having Monday off as per usual opted to push back my faster run to the Wednesday. So Tuesday was an easy run on the treadmill which I must admit was enough. I was still a bit tired and short on sleep, relative to my weekends efforts of course.

Wednesdays run was good though again still tired. It was a nice little progression run but unfortunately walking to work afterwards I started to limp a little. The outside of my right foot ached and was a little painful. No idea what was going on there as I’d felt nothing during the run shortly before. I decided it was best to rest on Thursday and try again on Friday. I jumped on the treadmill and had a good run but felt my foot early on. The pain faded quickly but I was a little reluctant to do a long run at the weekend so decided to take a couple days off. I’d rather miss a couple runs than injure myself. Keeping in my mind my achilles wasn’t 100% from the week before it seemed the right thing to do.

I was well short of my distance this week but considering how well the previous few weeks had been going I didn’t feel bad about it. In fact it was really nice to not set my alarm for a change and have an easy relaxing weekend. The plan for next week was proactive recovery and take it from there. Still plenty of time till the race so no need to panic.


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